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Gerald Mulka

Gerry Mulka

Gerald Mulka Woodblock Prints THERE ARE THREE THEMES TO MY WORK REFLECTION: Reflection is not only an echo of an image but meditation, rumination, study and  thinking. SEASONS: The landscape of Michigan offers endless variety, …

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Patricia Simpaon

Patricia Simpson

Pat’s artwork is influenced by the African, Australian, and Asian cultures.  She combines earthy Aboriginal color palette in the form of glazes and oxides, to large African shaped vessels. Her creative expressions are exhibited here, …

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Carol Izant

Carol’s Artist Statement “You make the road by walking on it.” Nicaraguan proverb Life is a journey…not a destination. In the same way, Art is a journey and the crumbs we leave behind along the …

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Barbara Grundeman

Barbara Grundeman

Barbara Grundeman 215 Suffield Avenue Birmingham, MI 48009 248-642-2723 Biography Barbara Grundeman is a native of Michigan, where she received a B.S. in Design at the University of Michigan. She also did post-graduate work …

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