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Membership Information

Lawrence Street Gallery has been successful as a cooperative gallery, with artists who do everything from planning and hanging exhibits to staffing the gallery, since 1987. We have a respected gallery reputation of maintaining a high standard of fine art. It's a great community effort and uses everyone's different talents to run all aspects of the gallery.

If you are a regional working artist looking for gallery space and wish to join our unique group of artists, we invite you to submit your work for consideration. Applicants are considered and reviewed at the gallery's executive meeting, which is held every month on the 2nd Monday of the month. Applicants are evaluated by the membership committee, and if you are juried into our membership, you will be notified of the next executive meeting when you submit your application.

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Membership Benefits

There are SO MANY reasons to join the gallery as one of only 30 members:

  • You have an inventory of work and are still working on more!  Here’s a good place to share your art with the public!
  • This is a GREAT gallery setting for your art.  We have a whole new exhibit in the gallery every month.  You can exhibit anything you please - no restrictions.  Many of our customers return on a regular basis to see the new work.
  • Each member is allotted 8 linear feet of display space.  All work is spread throughout the gallery to present a cohesive fine art exhibit.
  • There is an opening reception every month and sometimes a mid-month reception. You can invite friends and family and meet other artists and build your network as a local artist.
  • We advertise with mailings of color postcards, newsletters that go out every month to almost 700 fans of the gallery and on the website.  We feature your artwork, share news about your exhibits outside of the gallery, and link to your website as well.
  • Competitions and guest solo shows bring in new people to see the spotlight exhibits and YOUR WORK!  Members are encouraged to bring in art to work on during work shift at gallery - the public loves to see the mystery of art making!  This starts conversations, builds relationships, more exposure.
  • Members are juried to keep the quality high. The jury committee reviews applicants and assesses their potential for LSG.  We expects a minimum of one year commitment from new members. Most members have been with the group for at least five years, a very stable organization.
  • You pay no commission on Sales!  You pay only  $85 a month to help with gallery expenses. The gallery takes care of the administrative stuff (sales tax, income tax forms, etc.) on all of your sales.  Sales payments are prompt - at the end of each month you receive a check for your sales (5% of charge sales is held by gallery to cover bank expenses).
  • Members expected to work a minimum of two shifts per month.  Shifts are only 4 or 5 hours, and gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday. You always work with another artist.
  • You can have a solo show (actually members are encouraged!) for a discounted price.
  • Learn more about how galleries work as a gallery owner. No member is held liable in this corporation. Each member participates in a committee job that helps run our art business.  Spreading the work among 30 artists makes the job much easier and more time for your art.
  • Lawrence Street Gallery is celebrating 31 years in business this year.  This business model has been successful for area artists for a long time and it works!  And we keep improving!

Membership Requirements

  • Monthly dues of $85, plus a one-time $200 initiation fee
  • Minimum one year commitment of membership
  • Manage the gallery for two shifts per month
  • Serve on at least one standing committee, and assist with other committees as needed
  • Attend monthly membership meetings

How to Become a Member

Contact Laura Whitesides Host at 248-514-2441 for information and the next jurying date. Applications & digital images of artists work (min. 10 pieces of art) can be submitted to

New members are juried in every month, by executive committee review of artists submission, including a completed application, resume, and examples of work in cd format or printed photos.

member application

Exhibition Proposals for Non-Member Exhibits

We welcome non-member exhibits that are accepted through a juried process as described below. We are currently seeking proposals for the 2016 calendar year.

Gallery Terms for Non- Member Exhibitors:

$550.00 fee for use of one gallery area(Area A= 72 linear feet) for 4 weeks. There is a deposit of $110.00 due upon proposal acceptance to hold your month.

The Area available is labeled “A” on  floor plan shown below. Occasionally, groups need the whole front of the gallery(Area A & B) for their exhibit – the fee for 4 weeks would be $900. (Deposit = $ 180.)

Gallery will charge a 30% commission on all sales. We expect that any sales commissions resulting from the show made after the exhibit (30 days) will be paid by the artist to the gallery.

The Gallery will have 500 post cards printed for the show and will available to send out to gallery patrons, newspapers and other media. The exhibiting artist will have some for the purpose of promoting their show. Gallery members also send out to their clients, other cards are put in art centers and other galleries in the area.  You may work with our graphic designer to design your show card. The gallery retains the right of final approval of the design. The gallery will supply the mailing side of the postcard including our standard gallery information with a map and any information about the show. The gallery needs 2 months lead time to have a color photo card made. (included in fee) A good color photo of your work will be needed (or better to send digital image of work) for the postcard. Usually the front of the card is an image in the show with the artist’s name on the card front.

The Gallery also puts out a newsletter that artist can also forward to clients, etc. Press Releases will be sent to newspapers/magazines on a timely basis. We will supply the list of where we send the press releases for the artist to do a follow-up call if they choose. Many times this practice can get an article written and more publicity. The Gallery will do it’s utmost to spread the word about the gallery show and perhaps get an interview with the artist.

We will arrange and hang your show (with your participation if you wish), hold an opening reception (usually the first Friday of the month) complete with wine, and refreshments (cheese/crackers, fruit – gallery-type food).

We usually receive work on the Saturday before you show opens. We place and hang on that Sunday and Monday. Work at the end of the show will be picked up on Saturday.

We would like all of the following information/requirements TWO MONTHS or sooner prior to your exhibit:

  • Signed Contract with Show Proposal and Title of Show
  • Announcement Card information and digital image of work for card
  • Check for $550 (or balance due $440) or ($720. for whole front of gallery)
  • Personal information appropriate for press release – can include resume.
  • A Show Statement – many times we will retype and put in frame to hang along with show.

All Non-Member Shows are juried by the Jury committee from slides, photos or a CD of samples of the work that will be in the show. We require that work in the exhibition should not have been shown at the gallery before.

Contact Laura W. Host at 248-514-2441 (, or the Gallery at 248-544-0394 ( for more information or interest in having a show at Lawrence Street Gallery. Jury Process- Please send 8 – 10 photos or a CD of your work and a show proposal and resume to the gallery for consideration. Please label the work with sizes, media and cost, or include a separate sheet with this information. The jury committee meets the second week every month.

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