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 Membership Information

Lawrence Street Gallery has been successful as a cooperative gallery, with artists who do everything from planning and hanging exhibits to staffing the gallery, since 1987.  We have a respected gallery reputation of maintaining a high standard of fine art. It's a great community effort and uses everyone's different talents to run all aspects of the gallery.

Information for potential members:

  1. Permanent display space and your choice as to what you’d like to exhibit: you will have approximately 8 linear feet of wall space (for 2-D artists) and Three-dimensional artists (3-D) will share pedestals and tables and walls to have their 8 feet of exhibition space.  Artists are expected to change their work monthly (at least 2/3 of work changed.)
  2. KEEP FULL PRICE OF SALES (No sales commission to gallery) Exceptions: There is a slight charge for credit card sales.  Gallery members get a 10% discount when buying a work (over $50) . If you charge your dues – add $3.00 to the $100 + $3.= $103 for dues if charged.
  3. Participate in the decision-making and experience the running of a gallery and learning more of the business side of being an artist.
  4. Established gallery reputation.  The LSG has been in business since 1987 
  5. Legally set up as a cooperative corporation.  Members are not held liable.
  6. Regular on-going PR to newspapers, magazines and websites.  Monthly Postcards and email cards to share with your friends, clients, family, etc.
  7. Gallery Openings and other events to bring public into gallery and expose your art to a wider audience.
  8. The gallery takes care of sales tax.  Sales are paid monthly to artists.
  9. Tax forms are taken care of by Treasurer and Accountant.  You will receive a form at the end of January.
  10. Opportunity to be a monthly- featured artist.  You may have a one-person show or share the space with another artist for reduced fees.  Featured space for one member artist is $300. and no commission on sales.  The same space to show for one guest artist is $550 and 30% commission.  The whole front of the gallery charge for a member is $500. (which includes the artist’s monthly 8 feet).  The same space for a non-member is $900. Plus 30% commission on sales.  
  11. Networking opportunities with other artists.  Occasional Critique Sessions – where members bring in their work to discuss amongst members before a membership meeting.  This helps everyone have a bit more information about all the work hanging in the gallery.   An optional group dinner before membership meetings is also helpful in getting to know all the members.  We also hold Zoom meetings when members aren’t able to meet at the gallery.
  12. We have a jury committee of existing members for membership and outside shows to keep high standards of quality work we show in the gallery.
  13. Each Member may make an individual Resume Book that contains a resume or artist statement and photos of  work to show buyers interested in a certain artist’s work.
  14. We offer limited free parking to members behind gallery.  There is a public lot adjacent to building lot. We share our lot with other tenants.  Sundays the parking is FREE!
  15. You can choose to do some artwork while working at the gallery on your shift.  Visitors are intrigued by the process and could promote sales.
  16. We have a beautiful website that can include a page of your work and can link to your own website.  Members send their images to our webmaster.  There is also a monthly newsletter that features work in the gallery for that month to send to everyone’s lists. And we can to sell our work online, with sales tax and shipping paid by the customer or the option of local pick up. 
  17. We have a space at the Michigan Design Resource Center advertising the gallery to interior designers and their clients and each member may have a chance to display a piece of their art (for $20-$30) for a month.  The display at the MDC has a QR code which links customers to the "Shop MDC" page of the website, making it possible to purchase that artwork online as well. The gallery is also featured on the MI Design Center website.
  18. Artworks in the Gallery have included: paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mixed media), drawing, pottery, poetry, calligraphy, fiber, prints, photographs, and sculpture (metal, wood and ceramic), and jewelry.  All Media will be considered.



  1. Applicants must fill out an application form and include a resume-bio-artist statement, examples of their work in an email or website to Laura Host, including a list describing each example (name and size of piece, what medium, and price).  The jury committee meets the second week of every month.  Questions addressed to Laura Host @ 248-514-2441 or or .
  2. There is a one-time initiation fee of $200. This can be broken into 2 payments of $100.  For our 2023 Summer Invitational artists we are taking off 25% ($50) from the initiation fee - $150. The monthly dues are $100 (which helps to cover our rent, supplies, utilities, and publicity), and is due by the 15th of each month.  Members are held to a minimum of one-year commitment. After the first year a 2-month notice is required to terminate membership.
  3. It is emphasized that this a cooperative gallery, so each member is required to work 2 -3 shifts per month (the third shift is not every month-it depends on the month's length and the number of members).  We use an online signup system which is easy to use.  The calendar is ready for member sign-up in advance so members can make plans. If problems arise, it is the member’s responsibility to exchange shifts with another member (most members are flexible and willing to help).  Two members work each shift.  Available work shifts are from Thursday, Saturday from 12 – 5 ; Friday from 12-9- (2 shifts- 12 – 5 and 5 – 9), Sunday 1 – 5 pm. 
  4. Each member is required to be a part of a gallery committee as well. Examples of committees are: Hanging – Publicity - Hospitality – Supplies – Inventory – Historian – Graphics etc. 
  5. There are general membership meetings on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the gallery.  This is a good way to have input in gallery business and to keep up with what is happening in the gallery.  Minutes are sent via email for every meeting.  The Executive Board meets on the odd Months. Since the covid virus we have been meeting via Zoom every month on the 2nd Monday in the evening.  There is a Mandatory Annual Meeting in January where Election of Officers is part of the agenda.
  6. There is an annual work bee to paint the walls and pedestals and repair anything that is needed (usually at the end of  December and beginning of January).
  7. Members should try to attend as many receptions as one can. They will generally be held on the first Sunday (starting in June) and the third Sunday each month from 2-5 pm.  We've moved to Sundays to enable people to take advantage of the FREE parking at all metered spots in Ferndale on Sundays.  This is great time to invite friends out to see the gallery! 
  8. Members are encouraged to be active working artists who are producing work regularly, so the gallery is filled with fresh works.  Generally, the exhibitions are changed on Sunday of the week of a new exhibit.  Members shall have their work at the gallery by 10 AM on that Sunday as the hanging committee starts to curate the new show.  Also Inventory lists must be filled out for each month (typed preferred). You can rotate your art mixing new work with old, that way our customers can see a different show when they visit.



(Click above to download the application: link is being updated and will be available soon.)

Please include (with your samples of work) this page with your signature.  This is not a contract, just a way for you to check and review the main points that will help us run a successful art gallery.

  1. I understand that I need to work at the gallery 2 shifts per month. Gallery hours: Thurs, Sat are 12 – 5, Friday – 2 work shifts 12 – 5 and 5 – 9, Sunday 1 – 5 pm.  Occasionally, depending on how many days of the month we are open and number of members, you might be asked to work 3 times in one month.  We expect to return to having a 12-5 shift on Wednesday as well when we are over the Covid-19 restrictions and effects.
  2. I will be willing to take part in at least one committee to help the gallery conduct business.
  3. I will do my best to come to the gallery meetings at 6:30pm, 2nd Monday of the month .  We will continue to offer the  convenience of joining the meeting via Zoom for the near future. 
  4. I will do my best to attend the opening or mid-month reception, and invite other people to come to the gallery.  Receptions are usually on Sunday from 2 – 5 pm.  
  5. I understand that I will be making a one-year commitment and that leaving the group requires a 2-month notice.
  6. I will be a working artist and have fresh work each month (or as much as possible).

Signed _______________________________________________

Print name ____________________________________________

Phone Number Home_________________________Cell________________

Email Address_________________________________________

Home Address_________________________________________Zip_____________

Please Submit (email to

  1. A Resume or artist statement.
  2. Images of work – could be a website, around 10 images via email are preferred. Sizes and media included.
  3. Skills/experience you might have to aid the gallery business.  For example: computer skills, bookkeeping skills, sales skills, design skills, graphic arts, marketing skills (social networking), etc.
  4. We change the gallery every month and would prefer we have fresh work to display.  Change your work in the gallery every month – if possible or at least ½ of work changed monthly.  We need members producing new work! 

Gallery Terms for Non- Member Exhibitors 2021-2022

  1. $550.00 fee for use of one gallery area for 4 weeks.  There is a deposit of $110.00 due upon proposal acceptance to hold your month.  Area available is labeled “A” on enclosed map.  Occasionally, artists need the whole front of the gallery(Area A & B) for their exhibit – the fee for 4 weeks would be $900.  All work in the exhibit will be displayed on the gallery’s website and will be available for purchasing (for 2 months) via the website as well as in the gallery.  Images will need to be sent of all the work with sizes, prices, medium before the show is installed. 
  2. Gallery will charge a 30% commission on all sales.  We expect that any sales commissions resulting from the show made after the exhibit (30 days) will be paid by the artist to the gallery.  We usually will have the artwork on our website for one month after the exhibit ends to allow for late sales.
  3. The Gallery will have 500 postcards printed for the show and will send out to 200 gallery patrons.  The exhibiting artist will have 200 cards for the purpose of promoting their show.  Gallery members also send out to their clients, other cards are put in art centers and other galleries in the area.  The Gallery also puts out an email version that artist can also send out to clients, etc. as well as a monthly e-newsletter to send out. 
  4. Press Releases will be sent to newspapers/magazines on a timely basis.  We will supply the list of where we send the press releases for the artist to do a follow-up call if they choose.  Many times this practice can get an article written and more publicity.  The Gallery will do its utmost to spread the word about the gallery show and perhaps get an interview with the artist.   Information on details of exhibit should be sent to at least 3 months prior to show for magazine articles.
  5. You may work with our graphic designer to design your show card.  The gallery retains the right of final approval of the design.  The gallery will supply the mailing side of the postcard including our standard gallery information with any information about the show.  The gallery needs 3 months lead time to have a color photo card made.  (included in fee)  A good color photo of your work will be needed (or send 300 dpi digital image of work to Laura Host) for the postcard.  Usually the front of the card is an image in the show with the artist’s name on the card front.  
  6. We will arrange and hang your show (with your participation if you wish), hold an opening reception (the first Friday of the month) complete with wine, sparkling water and refreshments (cheese/crackers, fruit – gallery-type food).  We usually receive work on the Saturday or Sunday before your show opens.  We place and hang on that Sunday and Monday.  Work at the end of the show will be picked up on Saturday.  We also have added a mid-month reception each month if the artist is willing to participate and it’s usually a Sunday afternoon(when parking is easier and free!). 
  7. We would like all of the following information/requirements THREE MONTHS prior to your exhibit.
    • Signed Contract with Show Proposal and Title of Show
    • Announcement Card information and digital image (300 dpi)of work for card and PR
    • Check for $550 (or balance due $440) or $900. (or balance of $720.)
    • Personal information appropriate for press release – can include resume.
    • A Show Statement – many times we will retype and put in frame to hang along with show.(Optional).

All Non-Member Shows are juried by the Jury committee from emailed images of samples of the work that will be in the show.  We require that work in the exhibition should not have been shown at the gallery before. Upon agreement of acceptance and the month of the exhibit agreed upon, a down payment of 20% for the gallery space should be submitted to reserve the month and space. Contract could be included with this payment.

Contact Laura W. Host at 248-514-2441 ( or at the Gallery @ 248-544-0394 for more information or interest in having an .exhibit at Lawrence Street Gallery.

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