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Exhibit Dates: June 30 - July 29, 2022

Opening Reception: Sunday, July 3, from 2 - 5:00 pm
Mid- Month Reception: Sunday, July 17, 2 - 5 pm

You are invited to attend the Lawrence Street Gallery SUMMER INVITATIONAL. This is an all-media exhibition of over 60 area artists who were invited by LSG member artists to show their work at the gallery.

It is a fine collection of works that complements the work of the gallery artists. The exhibition runs from June 30- July 29, 2022.  All Artwork is available for purchase online (check it out below) or in our physical gallery in Ferndale.

The opening reception will be Sunday, July 3 from 2-5 P.M. and the mid-month reception will be held Sunday, July 17 from 2-5 PM.  Be sure to take in the exhibit and get some tasty refreshments to boot.

Participating artists and artwork:

Nargis Akhrorova "Eve" Digital Photography $300
Barbara Baker "Meandering Creek" Watercolor on Paper $325
Juanita Baldwin "Old Countryside" Acrylic on Paper $220
Juanita Baldwin "By the River" Experimental Acrylic on Fomeboard $220
Emilie Ball "Sweet Blooms" Gouache on paper $100
Emilie Ball "Spring Things" Gouache on paper  $100
Sylvia Bandyke "Weathered" digital photography $100
Cheryl Barill "Shape Shifting Dunes" Oil on Linen $800
Karen Benson "Rocky Waters" Monotype $200
Virginia Bosak "The Funky Garden" Watercolor/Mixed media $215
Danna Bowersox "I’m Just Joking With You" Copper Repousse with alcohol inks $250
Scott  Brazeau  "Random Thoughts" Mixed media $250
Allen Brooks "Flight of the Bumble Bee" Photography $200
Kathie Bugajski "From Death, Life!" HONORABLE MENTION AWARD Graphite on Paper $1200
Bruce  Campbell  "David" HONORABLE MENTION AWARD Acrylic skins on board $1300
Barbara Clay "The Heart of the Matter" Acrylic on canvas  $575
Chizuko Donovan "In My Dream"  BEST OF SHOW AWARD Acrylic $1500
Marianne Droste "A Rose by Another Name" Alcohol ink $150
Pat Duff "COVID Weary #2" Woodcut print $988
Lincoln Eddy "Patrol" painted wood $900
Barbara Eisenberg "Tell me a Secret" Monoprint $450
Daria  Fileta "Flowers in the Field" Alcohol ink $700
Richard Franz "Red Barn, Antrium County" Drawing - Soft Pastels $600
Caeleigh Girard "Frail Indelicacy" 35mm Color Film Photography $75
Rachel Gluski "Daily 260" Oil Paint $725
Richard Halprin "Fedora In A Corridor Of Doors" Ink, acrylic, pencil on paper $650
Brianna Hayes "Big Brother" Ink on paper $300
Rob Kangas "My 1st apartment, from Goin' Home, 2022" Photography $600
Peggy Kerwan "Lunafish" alcohol ink $400
Katarzyna Korytowska "Summer Blooms" Oil On Canvas $3300
Amanda  Koss "Jelly-Elli-Elli" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $600
Rosemary Lee "Color Weave" Watercolor $400
Miranda Lehl "Blood Moon Barn" Monotype Mixed Media on Paper $200
Brant MacLean "End of Day" oil $900
Edward Marsh "Rita in Shadow" Collage $350
Betty McGraw "Hands Crossing Hands" HONORABLE MENTION AWARD Pen and Ink and Acrylic $275
Kathleen McNamee "Old House" ink and watercolor $350
John Norman Miller "The Red Purse" Acrylic on Board $925
Jerald Mitchell "Robo Boy" Acrylic on canvas $900
Jordan Morrow "The Things We Keep" Photography $350
Alice Moss "Shoreline" Textured acrylic $120
Barbara Eko Murphy "Prayers for Peace" Watercolor & ink $750
Diane  Bennett "Winter Movement" Acrylic $350
Marat Paransky "Daughters of Eastern Greyness" Collage / assemblage $2000
Marat Paransky "Doosya Agregat" Assemblage "750
Marcia Polenberg "Kehinde Wiley" oil pastel $1800
Nancy Raitt "Dark Sky" Acrylic $450
Ted Ramsay "My Thoughts About You"  HONORABLE MENTION AWARD digital collage print framed one of a kind $850
Nancy J. Rodwan "A Face in the Crowd" Fiber, acrylic paint and bamboo $400
Celeste Roe "Old Friend" Acrylic collage $300
Colleen Sanders "Delight" Monoprint $180
Bill Schahfer "Broken Mirror Triptych" Digital Photography $400
Fran Seikaly "Amsterdam Landscape" Oil Painting $900
Janice Seitz "Fun with Freedom" Watercolor $100
Lawrence Sekulich "Satyr" oil paint $400
A Stachowicz "In My Own Good Time I" Oil pastel $130
A Stachowicz "In My Own Good Time II" Oil pastel $130
Doug Stein "I'm a Pretty Bird" Photography $400
Megan Swoyer "Chickadee Spree!" Watercolor $150
Steven Tapper "Ceramic Vase" Clay and Glaze $450
Steven Tapper "Ceramic Vase" Clay $300
Vasu Tolia "Vigilant" Acrylic on canvas $800
Pat Vartanian "Collier Verte" Mini-macrame necklace $400
Pat Vartanian "Indian Delight" Mini-macrame necklace with resin donut & heshi $350
Pamela Viviano "Hero" Brass $700
Pamela Viviano "My Insect World"  Watercolor and Ink $285
Susan Warner "Leaving the Dark":   Moving on from Grief and Loss Collage/ Mixed Media $800
Calvin  Waterman "Washing Over II" LINDA NORTON SAVELL AWARD (2ND PLACE) Acrylic on Wood Panel  $600
Yuliia Zaluzhna "War Games" Color Film $300
Jes Zilla "Murmuration" acrylic, paper, and pencil on canvas $400
Robert Zurenko "One Sun" Acrylic on Canvas $500
Lori Zurvalec "Revisiting a View" Watercolor $750

  • Show Dates

    June 30-July 29, 2022

  • Opening Reception

    Sunday, July 3rd,  from 2-5 pm

  • Facebook LIVE session

    Meet the Artist  - Talk

  • Mid-month Reception

    Sunday, July 17th, from 2– 5

  • Last Day of Exhibit

    July 29th, 2022

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