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Think Small '21 - An All - Media Juried Exhibit

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Exhibit Dates: Dec. 1 - Dec. 23
Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 3 from 6 - 8:30 pm
Mid- Month Reception: Sunday, Dec. 12, 2 - 5 pm

We are a community rich with talented artists, and it is our extreme honor to bring you this show each year.

The last exhibit of each year is our Think Small show.  It's our chance to offer small artwork for sale and consideration for your purchase for gift giving or collecting.  It's also our chance to say THANK YOU to all of the artists who support our gallery by participating in our competitions and to those who visit us in person or our on-line store.  We are so thankful for all of you. 

Our juror this year, Candace Law, has selected a wonderful show! Her comments about the show:

"We are in a time when big is everything, an illusion that big is better.

What a treat to enter into the world of “Small”.  Intimate little spaces and whole worlds, from abstracts to nature to man-made.  Working small requires a different vision and skill to execute, but it has its own rewards and treasures.

If was a pleasure and honor to jury this exhibition, and it was hard having to leave good work behind.  Thank you for making me take a deeper look, surprising me and sometimes just making me smile."

Candace Law is a full time artist in the Detroit area. After receiving degrees and working in other fields, she earned a BFA in Architectural Illustration, but found herself drawn to fine art. Her current body of work focuses on encaustic (hot wax) and mixed media, especially incorporating found objects.

Please come in and see the artwork, and vote for the People's Choice Award!  All of the artwork is shown below.  Purchases can be picked up locally or shipped to you.

Here's a list of the accepted artists and artwork:

Akers, Fay "Mock Orange Blossoms" "Pretty In Pink"
Barill, Cheryl "Dreaming" "Moon Dreams"
Bowersox, Danna “Sunset on Mission Point Peninsula”
Brown, Janice "Below" "Diddly doo"
Campbell, Bruce Honorable Mention:

"Sunrise River"

Diskin, Mark "Creation #47" "Creation #48"
Droste, Marianne "Singer" "Evening Reflection"
Elliott, Kira "Winter's Threshold" "Presence As Soul Texture"
Frost, Harah "Kensington" "Goat House"
Gordon, Nancy "Lucky was."
Guetschow, Marcia Best of Show:

"Spring's Secret"

Gutwald Emargut "Landskaput"
Halprin, Richard "The Odd Man And The Sea" "Don’t Bother Trying To Find Her"
Kasper, Sarah "Calla Lillies"
Kennedy, Barb "Poppies of Provence" "Smitten"
Koch, Sarah "Growth" "High School"
Koss, Amanda "Resilience" 2nd Place Award: 

"Early Mornin'"

Lee, Rosemary "Data Mine" "The Rouge"
Mansell, Kathy "Orangutan" Honorable Mention:

"Lost and Found"

McNamee, Kathleen "Burgundy, Late Fall" "Up North"
Mindell, Judi "Tuscany"
Monhollen, Christine Honorable Mention:

"Morning Sleeps"

"A Different Place"
Montville, Dennis "Climb Every One"
Moss, Alice "Fish Box"
Mulka, Gerald "Night Owl"
Murphy Barbara Eko "Woman of Substance"
Newman, Lynn Edwards "Has Attitude"
Proulx, Cecilia "Stratus I"
Sanders, Colleen "Impending Storm" "Subtle Sky"
Schahfer, Bill "Azaleas in Fall" "Dunes at Port Austin" Honorable Mention:


Seikaly, Fran "Rule of Thirds"
Stobbs, Beth "Aloft" "Clarity"
Stromberg, Anita “Wired” "Brainstorm"
Troshynski, Kathie "Stolen Donut"
Vartanian, Pat "Candy Crush" "Turquoise and Black Lepidoptera"
Viviano, Pamela "View From Above" "Roar"
Wesley, Bob "Going Out Saturday Night" "Last Tuesday"
Zilla, Jes "Fall, Leaves, Fall" "Sound of Silence"
Zurvalec, Lori Honorable Mention:

"Chair with Moon & Stars"


  • Show Dates

    December 1 - 23, 2021

  • Opening Reception

    Friday, December 3th,  from 6-8:30 pm

  • Facebook LIVE session

    Meet the Artist  - Talk

  • Mid-month Reception

    Sunday, December 12, from 2– 5

If you missed purchasing a piece from last month's show - NO WORRIES!  Artwork is still available on our "shop" page, just type in the artist or show title in the search box.

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