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Edward Tillery - Defying Reality: Paintings

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Exhibit Dates: AUGUST 4 - AUGUST 26, 2022

Opening Reception: Sunday, AUGUST 7, from 2 - 5:00 pm
Mid- Month Reception: Sunday, AUGUST 21, 2 - 5 pm

Be prepared! When Ed Tillery does a show, he comes full force to the gallery stage with the impact of a man who knows color with a capital “C”. You just have to say, “Wow”, when you encounter all his latest work together.  While Tillery has painted for years, his style has developed a rich combination of texture, form, value and especially scale. “The bigger the canvas the better” says Ed.

“Large canvases are my preference because they allow the viewer to become a part of the artist’s journey. My primary medium is acrylic, occasionally even using house paint.  I use a heavy brush and vivid colors, applying thick layers of paint.  Often I paint on two or more 4 foot x 5 foot canvases at a time to capture the energy of the moment. My studio is filled with natural light helping me to find just the right colors.”

“A painting is not a picture of an experience but IS the experience”. Mark Rothko

Tillery feels the same way as Rothko about his artwork.

You may have seen Ed’s work at the “Zip Us Up Project at the Birmingham Baldwin Library” – a unique art concept where 40 juried artists created distinct canvases which were then zipped together to make one seamless design as a beacon to foster unity through inclusion and collaboration. He also participated in the Las Laguna Art Gallery selected for the Best of the Best honors. Tillery is a member of the Lawrence Street Gallery exhibiting new work monthly.

“Creating these paintings has been an exciting project for me and challenging.  Each painting in this exhibit has its own voice yet is connected to each of the others at the same time.  I hope everyone will enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed creating them on canvas”.

Kathie Troshynski, LSG Publicist

  • Show Dates

    August 4 - 26, 2022

  • Opening Reception

    Sunday, August 7th,  from 2-5 pm

  • Facebook LIVE session

    Meet the Artist  - Talk

  • Mid-month Reception

    Sunday, August 21st, from 2– 5

  • Last Day of Exhibit

    August 26th, 2022

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