Steffanie Samuels

Steffanie L. Samuels

Steffanie L. Samuels is a graduate from the University of Michigan. Prior to working in Oil Painting and Mixed Media, she was an award-winning ceramic sculptor. Her work was displayed in national galleries, museums, books and magazines. She taught, lectured and gave workshops throughout the country.

Today, Ms. Samuels is an abstract environmental artist focusing on climate change. Her pieces are statements to remind the public of the truth of what we are experiencing. Artists play an active role by promoting social and political awareness.

From picking up trash on trails and beaches to raising Black Swallow Tail Butterflies, she hopes to contribute to helping the environment in her own way and art is one of many venues to expand awareness. She belongs to many climate change groups.

Ms. Samuels works with a variety of mediums including oil paint, cold wax medium, printmaking, oil pastels, oil pastel pencils, charcoal, and acrylic mediums.

She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions such as the 33rd Fine Arts Exhibition at the Alexandria Museum of Art, The Detroit Artist Market, HOT DAM!, Swords into Ploughshares Peace Center and Gallery, ReGrowth, The Anton Arts Center, Michigan Fine Arts Exhibition and a solo exhibition at the Ferndale Public Library (FLP).

The FPL purchased a piece for their permanent collection. The Henry Ford Health System Macomb also purchased two paintings for their new wing of the hospital. She recently won an Award of Distinction for three of her paintings from 4% Gallery in NYC, NY.

Ms. Samuels is preparing for a large solo exhibition on Climate Change Awareness in July, 2024 at Brewery Park located in the Craines Building, Detroit, MI. She will also be a featured climate change artist on an upcoming NPR program, The Great Lakes Odyssey Radio Hour.

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