Diane Krempa

Diane Krempa

Art making is an essential component of my life and being. 

It is a part of what I see, how I react to what and that has been interpreted in my artworks. 

I believe that I have an “impressionist core” I am attracted to mysteries of light—how its seen in countless ways in nature and in everyday living as it casts on objects. I see beauty everywhere including in building ruins.

My primary medium is watercolor and I have been exploring with collage and I love exploring a theme in mixed media. The possibilities are endless, color themes, subject matter etc, I enjoy drawing and painting the human figure and other elements of nature.  My favorite question is to ask What If—and a new series emerges –each new piece informs what will occur in the next piece.

Nature is my muse—I wish to expand on those glorious moments that struck me in a profound way and record my Impressions of Beauty, that I find in the world.

Diane Krempa



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