August 2024 Summer Invitational

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Annual Summer Invitational at Lawrence Street Gallery for 2024

Summer Invitational 2024 accepted work

Juanita Baldwin Broken Tree $550.
Dillon Balmas Death of a Midwest Mall (series) Cinestill $250.
Danna Bowersox Serendipity II $200.
Marguerite Carlton Nature as Refuge Hidden in Plain Sight $225.
Winnie Chrzanowski Lost Innocence $500.
Bill Dillon Only Driven on Sunday $150.
Marianne Droste Hills of Gold $250.
Anthony Duce Across the Water $600. Summer $325.
Daria Fileta Pick a Card $350.
Troy Forner Weinachtsmarket $400.
Tim Gralewski The Man in the Grey Flannel Shirt $100.
Debra Groth The Storm Has Passed $120.
Richard Halprin Gimme Shelter $450.
Christina Haylett March Madness $750.
Joanna Herrera A Bird in Hand $125.
Carol Hunter 3 Tier Turquoise & Tanzenite Choker $175, Tanzanite and Turquoise Necklace with Natural Gemstones $475.
Amanda Koss Blinded by the Light $900.
Theresa Lannen Beauty in Decay $1,200.
Rosemary Lee Orange Crush $350.
Sunanda Mallick Stroke 1 $350.
Dawn Mattocks Cosmic Fisherman from Outer Space $795.
Justin McDougald Is It Love $1,500.
Tiffany McIntyre By the Lake $160. The Doctor Will See You Now $150.
Kathleen McNamee Four Buckets $150.
Laura Miller Poppylicious $250.
Judi Mindell High in the Sky $350.
Virginia La Mont Naegeli Hummingbird Love $125.
Marat Paransky Paradise $425.
Rocco Pisto #267 Summer Nights Fireworks $500.
Nancy Raitt Night Sky $500.
Ted Ramsay Coffee Break $2,400.
Laura Reed Hair Dancing $250.
James Ritchie Houston Road Henge $1,500.
Nancy J Rodwan After Soft Rains $300.
Celeste Roe The Earth Beneath My Feet $400.
Colleen Sanders Gazing $115.
Brett Sauve Do You Ever Feel Like This? $1,500.
Bill Schahfer Sunset Mobile Bay $ 150.
Aislinn Scofield Fired Imagination $100. Paint by Fire $100.
Larry Sekulich Profile $400 .
Brenda Beene Shackleford La Luna $350. Pocket of Possibilities $150.
Matruka Sherman Porch Hydrangea $350.
Doug Stein Moments in Time $300.
Beth Stobbs Reflection $325
Anita Stromberg Spring Serenade $995.
Harold Swanson Raku Bowl $50.
Lonora Swanson-Flores Cat TV $150.
Megan Swoyer Zinnia Zest $180.
Mary Stebbins Taitt Keith Juggling (The Green Man Juggles Possible Future for an Endangered Earth ) $500, The Coronation of Zeus $250.
Steven Tapper Bryce Canyon $350, Contemporary Vase $300.
Pat Vartanian Madeline $500.
Helen Vlasic The Seen and the Unseen $3,000.
Denise Billups Walker 5 Eyed “Eep” $149, Green “Meep” $149.
Janis Walker Somewhere in Time $400.
Susan Warner Reflections Collage $500.
Calvin Waterman Segments Echo $1,300.
Lori Zurvalec Zinnias from a Farm Stand $750.

Key Dates:

  • July 24-27: Drop off accepted work during Gallery Hours.  Pick up some postcards to hand out!
  • July 31 - August 30: Show Dates
  •  Sunday, August 4: Opening Reception 2:00 to 4:30 pm.  Awards at 3:00 pm.
  • Sunday, August 18: Mid-Month Reception 2 – 4:30 p.m. People’s Choice Award and Poetry Event at 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 31 (Sat) - Pick up Unsold work 12 – 5 pm.

The monetary awards will be determined in person after the show has been hung and announced at the Opening Reception.

  • Best in Show $150
  • 2nd Place $100
  • Honorable Mentions $25

The Gallery will also award a People's Choice Award ($75) based on the highest number of visitor votes received between the Opening Reception and the Mid-Month Reception- and will announce this winner at the Mid-Month Reception.


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