Tanya Mundt

Creating for me is high energy! It’s where I live more intensely in my creative world. As a child I always would draw what I saw, something as simple as my stereo! As an adult my use of color theory came into play as an interior decorator. In my art community I’m known as the palette master. After having children I wanted to capture every moment, so I began to scrapbook. Ok, so it was an addiction. I got to play with colors, patterns and textures. In the scrapbook world I received many awards and have been published. Feeling the materials I work with is a big part of my art. After I pour, I’m just as colorful as my piece! Everyone says don’t touch art, I say touch mine! Art is meant to enjoy and if that means touching the texture, go for it! In 2018 after a 10 year hiatus from anything creative I got the itch to create again. First playing with alcohol ink on glass. Like pour painting, alcohol ink is a medium which you only have so much control. Learning to let go is a struggle! After one dragonfly painting I took off! Becoming the dragonfly artist and shipping paintings all over the world. After doing one acrylic pour, it was love at first sight! I continue to learn new techniques, finding new ways to add texture to my pieces and I’m loving every minute of it!
Contact Tanya at: tanya.mundt@yahoo.com

My studio on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/1471501366285123/

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