Rebecca Lee

For as long as I can remember Art has been My passion. Even as I think back to when I was younger. I would write poems and draw pictures, Everything I could think of to release the tension,hurt and anger that I was feeling at that Particular , time in my Life. It was a way for me to express things without physically showing it. I was always a bit Shy. As I grew … Not just in age, Emotionally, As I grew into my own self and learned to discover who I actually was. I Learned to express every emotion through Some Form Of Art whether it be singing, writing, drawing, coloring or painting. It became my escape. Took me to another level, a place of peace and calm. Where I could be me and no one would ever think twice about that. I understand that my Art is not for everybody and I’m ok with that. My Art is painted with pure emotion, a creation of how I feel or what I’ve dealt with throughout the day or within that week. It’s like transforming into a better version of myself when I am working on a new creation. The Happiness I feel when other People are viewing my work allows me to know that I have done what I set out to do. Each piece is a different life event that I have overcome, and made a better way for myself ..

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