Pamela Viviano
instagram: pamela.viviano


I grew up in Detroit and lived for 23 years in Louisiana, where I explored many art forms including photography, plein aire painting, and drawing. I have B.A.’s in art (and also psychology) from Michigan State University, where I focused on  drawing, printmaking, and portraiture. I also have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Louisiana State University, where I researched nature’s effect on attention.

Artist Statement

I enjoy exploring living things through drawing, printmaking, and mixed media.

I have a penchant for anthropomorphizing things.

I look to symbols to communicate messages and am interested in the meaning in forms such as shapes, lines, dreams, thoughts, and shorthand.

I prefer to work directly with my hands and with tools that allow for a wide range of possibilities. I enjoy approaching my work intuitively and sensorially. I am synesthetic, which means that my senses work together in interesting ways.

I discovered the concept biophalia while in graduate school. Biophalia is a scientific term that means living things will seek out other living things. I read in a book on art appreciation that viewing art is essentially a kinesthetic experience. I agree with this view and also believe that making art is itself a kinesthetic experience.


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