Vasundhara (Vasu) Tolia

Vasundhara (Vasu) Tolia
Acrylic & Mixed Media
Although always fascinated by art, I had no time to develop this hobby while practicing medicine full-time. I was consumed with teaching, mentoring and research in addition to providing patient care. Then I decided to start learning painting by attending workshops and classes.
I love to represent nature and humanity in vibrant colors and transcribe it on canvas using acrylic and mixed media mainly as my tools. I have rediscovered the joy and elation with this activity that I experienced while I accomplished my research as a physician. I am also drawn a lot to expressing the imagery of my paintings in poems, that adds a new dimension to my expression. I am a traveller and get ideas as I visit places, soak in the new vistas and culture and am eager to express it on canvas upon my return. This marriage of art and science helps me to improvise to develop realistic, geometric, representational and abstract paintings. 
Artist Statement
I am inspired by the light and color in nature, by capturing it I create an atmosphere that people can relate to. I want people to share my experience and express it to them from my perspective.


Examples of Vasu’s Paintings:

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