Mary Tassone

Mary Kelleher Tassone…….Artist comments about my Work.

In 1st grade I learned that coloring your fingernails with red crayon was a very bad thing!
I thought they looked great, but in a 1956 Catholic school you did not decorate your body. (Glad that has changed.)

I have a long history of coloring outside the lines. I have a need to keep pushing my art past the edge of what I see. My work was never  hung in my elementary classrooms because I always embellished! (Not what was expected). If the project called for a figure wearing a precisely pleated skirt, mine would have ruffles and uneven pleats.

The desire to create, embellish and express what I see  and imagine with color, movement, and form has been and is the journey of my life . My favorite medium is watercolor. It has lead me to creating watercolor techniques with clay and glazes,acrylics,inks, silk painting  and painting on wood. The fluid, spontaneous movement of watercolor expresses it for me!


Mary’s work:

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