LeRoy Johnson

To create  is to live, to live  is to create, l see  this  in art .Art is imitation of life with  no boundaries so be free and fill  free to create

My  subjects  are landscapes, figurative, abstract expressionism. As an artist I work on photo  pics and imaginative expression.  I enjoy exploring different style as you can  see in  my work. Much of my  motivation was sparked at an very  early age by my 1st  grade teacher .Taking  me to  art galleries  on the  weekend sure  did  get me  going as Well as  next  door  neighbors and family As my interest  grew  my appetite for developing  my skills  did  as well.

I was  born in  Detroit  Michigan and  attended  Crockett  vocational  technical  center for  commercial  Art .While spending  two years there  I developed in working  in acrylic and  charcoal. My  first  interest was in the  study of the portraits and  landscapes.
I am also available available on a commission  basis.

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