The Great Lakes…and not a drop to drink


The Great Lakes
October 18 Postcard

Lawrence Street Gallery 


The Great Lakes….and not a drop to drink

The Great Lakes represent 20% of all the world’s fresh ground water and as Michiganders it has been an asset that we all take pride in.  There are so many looming crises that are not being addressed and the artists at LSGallery felt it was a topic that a lot of artists might have some opinions about.
Some examples: The Line 5 Oil pipeline, Flint water crisis (and other cities with a lot of lead in water), the Asian Carp invasion, Nestle’s siphoning off millions of gallons of water for $200 a year and selling for huge profits,  the droughts that are occurring all over the west making everyone eye the Great Lakes as a possible savior, the federal government not funding the EPA, run off pollution from farms causing Algae bloom and pollution from factories, not to mention the proposed Canadian nuclear waste underground disposal close to Lake Huron and on and on.   We are the Great Lakes stewards!!!!
We are also highlighting the beauty of our  lakes to remind us that we must preserve and protect these wonderful resources.
Rather than a jury, we are asking the public to vote for the “Best of Show” awardee, so come in and see the exhibit and VOTE!!!  Winner will  announced at the Mid-Month reception.

Exhibit Date:  October 3-26.

Opening Reception Friday, October 5th,  from 6 – 9 pm

Mid-month Reception Sunday, October 14th. from 2-5

Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 5, Fri 12 – 9, Sun 1 – 5

Participating Artists/Artwork:

BONNIE AMOSLook Out, Photography ($125) and Mother Earth, Photography ($125). 

BEVERLY BOOTH Sturgeon Bay, Michigan, Water Color ($350) and Wilderness Park, Michigan, Water Color ($350).

DANNA WOLKE BOWERSOX  – Cruising the WaterwaysMulti-metal Assemblage ($650) and  Pollution Free Water Oar, Bust  Multi-Metal Assemblage ($350 per oar).

BARBARA CLAYOn the Precipice, Oil ($265) and Lake MichiganOil ($250).

VALABONA DEDVUKAJVitruvian Woman, Oil  ($1,300).

DAREN DUNDEE – Pure Michigan – a Fragile TreasureFound Objects ($200) and There is No Quick Fix, Found Objects ($200).

ROBERT FIONDAHuronia Ice, Water Color ($400).

SHERRY ADAMS FOSTER Don’t be Afraid of the Water , Water Color ($275). 

MYLES GALLAGHERGoing Under, Photography ($600).

BARBARA GRUNDEMANOverloaded Sky, Acrylic ($325) and Sick Waters, Acrylic ($325).

DEBORAH HECHTSomething’s Fishy, Mixed Beach Trash ($1075) and Beach Trash CarnivalMixed Beach Trash ($975).

SISTER ELOISE HIRLEMANNOn A Summer’s Day Acrylic / Mixed Media ($300) and  Sunset by the LakeAcrylic ($250).

KAREN HOCKLEY – Fresh Water?Photography ($155) and Last BlastPhotography ($200).

LAURA WHITESIDES HOST – Beware of the Cyprinus Carpio, Mixed Water Media ($500) and Summer Nights   Monoprint/Straws ($100).

ANN KELLY – Miner’s Beach, Pastel ($825) and Superior Picnic, Water Color ($825).

LESLEY KUTINSKYThe Well is Dry, Oil ( $700).

SUSAN KWOLEKWarning, Acrylic/ Paper/ Sand ($1,200) and DiveAcrylic ($600).

ROSEMARY LEELake Bottom Detritus, Monotype ($325).

LISSETTE MACFARLANECreek in the ForestMulti-Media ($400) WaterfallMulti-Media ($400).

ALICE MOSS Tin Fish, Mixed Media ($350) and HorizonMixed Media ( $100).

MARIA NEINO  Michigan SailingAcrylic ($270) and Sunday Sailing, Acrylic ($125).

KATHLEEN McNAMEERocky Bottom Photography ($150) and SwampMonotype ($200).

CINDY PARSONS Lake Michigan, BeforeOil ($150) and Lake Michigan, After , Oil  ($60).

DEBORAH ROELOFS No More FishCut – out ($30).

KRISTI SOAVE – The Writing is on the Wall, Mixed Media ($100) and Map, Acrylic ($300).

DEBORAH STECKROTHDead Without Water, Photograph ($250) and Fragile Liaisons, Photograph ($250).

KATHIE TROSHYNSKI   Hope in an Empty Glass, Pastel ($225) and  Water’s End,  Acrylic ($75).

PAT VARTANIANAqua PlasticPaper, Weaving with Plastic Bags ($300) and Plastic, Plastic Everywhere and not a drop to drink ($300).

RUTH WARNOCK – Stream of Consciousness IIIMixed Media Encaustic ($300) and Chi Michibijiw (Spirit of Underwater Panther of Lake Superior), ($300).

JUDITH WATERMAN  Water Falls, Mixed Media ($300) and Leak…spill…, Acrylic ($250).

JT WYNNMovement ,  Acrylic ($350).

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