FEBRUARY 2018 – Body Eclectic

Lawrence Street Gallery 


The Body Eclectic!

This is our annual competition exhibit that focuses on the figure.  Exhibiting media include paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. Todd Burroughs, our juror this year, has chosen 53 entries, from well over 100 pieces, to comprise the exhibit.  He has also donated his fee to create an additional “Jurors Award” to be announced at the Opening Reception, on Friday, February, 1.

Todd Burroughs has a BA in Historic Preservation/Fine Art, from Eastern Michigan University, studied at Atelier Alternative in Chicago, Illinois, and founded the Atelier Art Studio in Royal Oak.  He is best known for his realist drawings, oil paintings and passion for teaching.  Todd writes, “Somehow I ended up with the idea that if you know something, it creates an obligation to pass it on.  This has led to teaching being an important part of my studio practice.  One of the things I love about teaching is that it creates an environment of intellectual curiosity that is contagious.  Curiosity dries me to start a new piece of art and to sit down in front of a piece that I have been working on for months with excitement and sincerity.”  Todd’s fresh perspective to teaching is shaped by his life-long research into art-making techniques, advocacy for youth education and the development of accessible studio practices for all.  He regularly shares his knowledge through lectures and teaching from the studio.  The Atelier Art Studio is located at 407 E. 4th St., Royal Oak, MI  48067

Show Dates: January 30 – February 22, 2019

Opening Reception: February 1, 6-9 PM
Mid-month Reception: Sunday, February 10, 2-5
Accepted Artists/Artwork:

KAREN BARTLETT, “Under Pressure”,  Oil,  $850. 

KATHLEEN BOETTCHER, “Waiting to Go On”, Acrylic, $1,100.

DANNA WOLKE BOWERSOX, “The Bath”, Multi-Metal / Acrylic / Wood , $3,000.

MARTIN BRILL,  “Sasha Oil”, $1,500.

JAYNE BROPHY, “Determined”, Oil, $300.

JAN BROWN, “Shared Secrets”,  Mixed Media, $2,500 and “Elaine Down”, Ink , $275.

KATHIE BUGAJSKI, “Contemplation”, Bronze / Wood / Concrete, $2,500 and “I Am Woman”,   Bronze / Porcelain / Creastone, $900.

WINNIE CHRZANOWSKI, “Detroit Party Band”, Photography, $100.

SYLVIA CLARK, “Beauty in Africa”, Oil, $975.

JUD COVEYOU, “Serif San Sync”, Oil, $1,500.

CHRISTINA CZAJA, “Sz 16”, Clay, $350.

EARLE DAVIS, “Expecting  Alabaster”, $2,200. 

MARIANNE DROSTE, “Perfect Balance”, Mixed Media, $125.

PAT DUFF, “Reclining Nude #6”, Pastel, $2,000 and “2 Figures”, Pencil & Pastel, $1,000.

ANTHONY DUCE, “Invisible Shadow”, Ink / Watercolor, $250.

DARIA FILETA, “Waiting”, Acrylic Ink, $350.

LAURA GABRIEL, “Dangling Over the Edge”, Clay,  $350.

KELSEY CLARE GASKELL, “Beauty in Bloom”,  Photography, $100.  

MARY ANN GRAUF, “A Space of Her Own”, Porcelain, $180.

DIANN BENOIT JAMEYFIELD, “The Cold Shoulder”,  Water Color, $800.

ANN KELLY, “Myra”, Charcoal / Pastel, $100.

DIANE KREMPA, “ Mermaid #1”, Water Color, $375 and “Nymph”, Charcoal, $375.

CHRISTINE LAGINESS, “Dear Diary”, Ceramic, $250.

JANE LANGA, “Becca”, Pastel, $300.

JEREMY LASSILA, “Proud”, Oil, $800 and “Gaze”, Oil, $1,000. 

ROSEMARY LEE, “Beach Combing”, Cyanotype Print / Encaustic, $250.

EDWARD MARSH, “Daphne”, Collage    $400 and “Ode to a Half Brother”, Acrylic / Collage,   $500.

KATHLEEN MCNAMEE, “Richard”, Oil, $400.

STEVEN R. MILLER,  “Spring”, Gypsum, $600.

JERALD A. MITCHELL, “Artist with his Painting I”, Color Photograph, $500.

DENNIS W. MONTVILLE, “Tri Me”, Wood / Acrylic, $175.

KATHLEEN W. O’CONNELL, “Vision of Hygeia”, Oil, $1,500.

JEROME PATRYJAK, “Reclining Figure”,  Sketch/Ink, $90 and “Reclining Figure Relief “, Terra Cotta on Board, $240.

SUE PERRISH, “Heirloom”, Oil, $1,800 and “Flair”, Oil, $1,800.

ROBERT PERRISH, “The Natural”, Oil, $700.

TED RAMSAY, “Independent Woman”, Oil, $2,500 and “Cellphone Vacation”, Oil, $2,500.

ELAINE REDMOND, “Damaged (Antique Wax Mannequin)”, Color Photo, $290.

NICK RESZETAR, “Vincullum”, Charcoal / Gesso / Pastel, $1,800. 

JEANNE RUZZIN, “Nude in Green Robe”, Oil, $275.

MAURICE W. SANDERS, “Reaching up #2”, Photography, $295.

JANET SANDISON, “Joyful”, Pastel Colored Paper, $700.

LAWRENCE SEKULICH, “Forever Young”, Oil, $350.

PAT VARTANIAN, “I Don’t Think So”, Paper Weaving, $200.

BOB WESLEY, “J. P. Woman”, Acrylic / Mixed Media, $150.

CYNTHIA YATES, “Profile”, Water Color, $150.

Juror TODD BURROUGHS, “Aurora”, Oil on Polyester, $5,000.

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