Cindy Parsons

Cindy Parsons has two distinct painting personalities that she alternates between in her oil painting.  She is a passionate plein-air painter, in which she studies light and color and carries her learnings into her large studio paintings of outside scenes.  She is also a huge fan of the Hubble space images, which inspire her to paint the stars and stardust, the nebulas and galaxies, with their breathtakingly beautiful shapes against the black of the universe.   Cindy is an engineer-turned-artist.  After working nearly 30 years at General Motors, she retired to pursue a career as an oil painter, and immediately earned a Bachelor of Art degree through Oakland University’s Studio Art Program.

As a nod to the high esteem she has for the OU faculty and art program, she has invited 8 students of OU’s Studio Art program to share the spotlight with her.  The OU artists will include:  Valbona Devukai, Angela Farrah, Ashley Fowler, Marigrace Francis, Daija Ginyard, Makayla Glover, Marcus Hall, and Hannah Leen Ushman.

As a member of Detroit Society of Women Artists & Sculptors , Grosse Pointe Art Association and Birmingham Society of Women Painters, she has exhibited work in many local venues.  She also  does commission work in all genres.


More of Cindy’s work:

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