Ann Kelly

 For over 30 years I have been painting in a variety of media, 

watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylic.  Watercolor excites me because it is unpredictable.  It invites an exploratory spirit, like no

other medium.  When my subject was birds, I turned to watercolor because I could be wild with backgrounds, allowing 

the wet-in-wet movement of the paint to suggest sky or water. 

I could tighten control and bring focus to the painting by using less water and darker values.  Watercolor can be liquid and 

flowing or very controlled when painted in dry brush.

  I find soft pastel a wonderful medium for capturing a momentary 

play of light in my subject, whether it is a landscape or a portrait.

And, it is great for abstraction, especially the hard edge squared off sticks.  

     My mission as a painter is to reflect what I love in nature’s 

fleeting design.

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